PPD 40

The PPD-40 is a submachine gun originally designed in 1934 by Vasily Degtyaryov. The PPD had a conventional wooden stock, fired from an open bolt, and was capable of selective fire. Unfortunately the PPD-40 was too complicated and expensive to mass-produce, and although it was used in action in the initial stages of World War II, it was officially replaced by the superior and cheaper PPSh-41 by the end of 1941.

PPD-40 in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The PPD-34 was the Russian answer to the German MP-40. It was still the most common Soviet sub-machine gun seen in combat. Many of these weapons were captured by the Germans who used them in combat. In spite of their 7.62mm cartridges and the big magazines that made it heavy to cart around, it still provided extra fire-power which was greatly needed against the Russians.

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