M1910-maxim-machine-gun pics154-15419

The PM M1910 was a heavy machine gun used by the Imperial Russian Army during World War I and the Red Army during World War II. It was adopted in 1910 and was derived from Hiram Maxim's Maxim gun, chambered for the standard Russian 7.62x54mmR rifle cartridge. The M1910 was mounted on a wheeled mount with a gun shield and was replaced in Soviet service by the SG-43 Goryunov which retained the wheeled and shielded carriage, starting in 1943. In addition to the main infantry version, there were aircraft mounted (PV-1) and naval variants.

PM M1910 in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The PM M1910 was the most readily available heavy machine gun for the Red Army. It saw extensive use in Russia and Spain. Resembling something from the beginning of the last war, the machine gun wasn't as portable as the German MG-34, but none the less, it still did the job of keeping soldiers' heads down.

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