The Owl and Unicorn was the pub Daisy Baxter owned in Fakenham. The pub had belonged to her late husband Tom's family for a few generations. Daisy kept it going after Tom died in World War II, thanks in part to the U.S. Air Force and RAF base located in nearby Sculthorpe.[1]

As Daisy had no employees, she did the heavy lifting of managing the pub herself, including serving customers, placing orders, and cleaning up after close.[2]

The Owl and Unicorn did allow Baxter to meet U.S. pilot Bruce McNulty,[3]. The two began a romantic relationship that blossomed even as the war raged around them.[4][5].

Unfortunately, their romance hit a substantial roadblock on 11 September 1951, when the Soviets finally dropped an atom bomb on Sculthorpe. The explosion there was large enough to level half the buildings in Fakenham. Daisy was able to get into the basement when the initial air raid sirens sounded, but as the bomb nearly destroyed the Owl and Unicorn, she had to flee her former home. The Owl and Unicorn was a total loss.[6]


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