Over Open Sights was the name of Jake Featherston's book, which he began writing near the end of the Great War and published in 1941. The book, besides describing Featherston's political rise, tells how the white race was pre-destined to infinitely rule over the black race. It also alledges that the blacks and the Confederate aristocracy "betrayed" the Confederacy by helping the United States defeat the C.S.A.

Originally Featherston had no name for these writings. The name "Over Open Sights" was suggested to him by Clarence Potter, referring to Featherston being an artilleryman.

Featherston was only half-educated, and it showed in his writings. In a way, that helped connect the President to the Confederate people, many of whom had come from similar origins as he had. In another way, his inability to write eloquently made it impossible for people to enjoy reading his book. The fact that the book simply repeated many of the points that Featherston had articulated in his more-eloquent speeches further made it a joyless read for the average Confederate. Naturally, nobody would publicly admit to their negative opinions.

There were several passages that hinted at a possible genocide. Several camp commanders and guards carrying out the Population Reduction, including Jefferson Pinkard, were convinced that this was proof enough that what they were doing was right and that they were ultimately following orders. It also gave forewarning to astute blacks such as Lucullus Wood. Unfortunately, as an underclass, they were not in a position to do much more about it than they would have otherwise.

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