Otto Spitzer
Fictional Character
Joe Steele
POD: 1878;
Relevant POD: July, 1932
Novel or Story?: Story only
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Germany, resident in United States
Date of Death: 1937
Cause of Death: Shot to death

Otto Spitzer was a German living in the United States. In 1937, Spitzer attempted to assassinate President Joe Steele. He failed, and was gunned down by agents from the Government Bureau of Investigation. Steele believed that Spitzer had been operating on orders from the Nazi Party.

Literary CommentEdit

Otto Spitzer attempted to assassinate President Steele only in the short story. In the novel, it was Captain Roland Laurence South, a bright young Army officer that was well thought of by several senior military officers. It was this connection that led to the purges of the senior officers corps in the novel.

Spitzer is the only fictional character to receive a name in the short story. All of the other named characters are historical people.