Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the country's fourth largest municipality, as well as the second largest city in the province of Ontario.

Ottawa in The Guns of the SouthEdit

When war broke out between the US and Britain, the US Army defeated the British at the US-Canadas border, and drove into the Canadas. The British attempted to hold the line near Ottawa, resulting in a second major battle, but Yankees defeated them and captured the city.[1]

Ottawa in Joe SteeleEdit

Even after the United States agreed to supply arms to the Soviet Union after Germany invaded, President Joe Steele refused to recognize it and so it had no embassy in Washington. However, the Soviets had an embassy in Ottawa and so met with the Americans there.[2]

Ottawa in Southern VictoryEdit

Ottawa was the capital of Canada during the Second Mexican War, and the Great War. Although never captured, the city was handed over when Canada was annexed by the US.

During the mid 1920s, there was an uprising in Ottawa.

Ottawa in WorldwarEdit

Ottawa was the capital of Canada, chosen by Queen Victoria herself. When the Race landed in mid-1942, they bombed the city, but not as thoroughly as they did with cities in the US. When peace was declared in 1944, the city hadn't suffered too badly and was easily repaired in the years after.

In late 1964, David Goldfarb and his family were detained in Ottawa when they attempted to immigrate from Great Britain to Canada. Because David had been involved in ginger-smuggling in the Greater German Reich, the Canadian government detained the family until they were satisfied that they would pose no risk to the country. To Goldfarb, the city looked brand new compared with those in England and Northern Ireland.


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