One Life, One Mate was a controversial book written by a female of the Race who traveled to Tosev 3 with the Colonization Fleet. Both the author and a close male friend of hers became addicted to ginger. Her frequent ginger use caused her to become fertile and emit sexual pheromones often, regardless of whether it was the Race's mating season. These pheromones aroused her male companion, and the two frequently mated. They did this so often that they came to see it as an affirmation of their friendship and developed an emotional attachment over it. They defected to the United States, where they settled in Phoenix, Arizona, and entered into an exclusive mating arrangement.

One Life, One Mate was the author's defense of her lifestyle, which is contradictory to traditional values of the Race. She advocated both ginger use and monogamy, though the former was illegal throughout the Empire and the latter was considered the height of perversion by the Race.

A copy of One Life, One Mate was among the books brought by Jonathan Yeager to Home. One of Yeager's Race bodyguards had a low opinion on the book, remarking that "Bad enough to be a pervert, worse to brag about it."[1]

  1. Homeward Bound, p. 386-387, HC.

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