It has been noted that all the named human characters in "The Road Not Taken" have some connection to baseball. Further, the race and/or ethnicity match although genders do not necessarily do so.

The crew of the Ares III have a connection to the New York Giants:

The United States Army platoon that the POV Billy Cox served in has a connection to the Brooklyn Dodgers/Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • Billy Cox - William Richard Cox, third baseman of a Brooklyn Dodgers infield in the 1950s.
  • Santos Amoros - Edmundo "Sandy" Amorós Isasi, a Cuban left fielder in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers (1952-1960).
  • Jim aka Junior - James William "Junior" Gilliam, second baseman, third baseman, and coach in Negro League and Major League Baseball who spent his entire major league career (1953-1966) with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • Lt. Shotton - Burton Edwin Shotton, an American player, manager, coach and scout in Major League Baseball. He was the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers (1947; 1948–50).

The two researchers also have a connection to the Brooklyn Dodgers:

  • Charlie Ebbets - Charles Hercules Ebbets, Sr. was an American sports executive who owned the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1902 to 1925.
  • Hilda Chester - Hilda Chester, also known as Howlin' Hilda, was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, and arguably the most famous fan in baseball history.

Furthermore, living baseball player and announcer Fernando Valenzuela is stated to have died during the course of the story.