Fictional Character
Appearance(s): The Tale of Krispos
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Spouse: Phostis

Olyvria was the daughter of Livanios, the leader of the Thanasioi rebellion. She caught the eye of the young Avtokrator, Phostis, son of Krispos, when the young man was flirting with the Thanasioi heresy. With the help of henchman Syagrios, she abducted Phostis from a military camp and took him to the rebel stronghold of Etchmiadzin, located near Vaspurakan. The two of them fell in love, and a year later they made their way back to the capital and joined up with Krispos' army. They were married in front of besieged Etchmiadzin; the ceremony had the effect of dissolving the rebel faction and the Thanasioi rebellion came to end.