In the works of Harry Turtledove, Oliver (Ollie for short) may refer to:

First name:

Oliver (Detinan), a Detinan General in The War Between the Provinces.
Oliver Cromwell, historical English General referenced in The Two Georges and "Before the Beginning".
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., historical Supreme Court of the United States justice appearing in "Must and Shall" and Southern Victory.
Oliver Otis Howard, historical Union Army General referenced in The Guns of the South.
Oliver Hazard Perry, historical United States Navy captain, referenced in End of the Beginning.
Oliver Richardson, minor fictional character in How Few Remain.
Oliver Roland, captain of USS Remembrance, minor fictional character in Blood and Iron.
Ollie Weyr, a United States Navy captain and minor character in The Man With the Iron Heart.


Patricia Oliver, fictional policewoman in The Two Georges.
Roland Oliver, fictional lawyer in The Two Georges.

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