Fictional Character
"Drang von Osten"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Norway
Date of Death: 2043
Cause of Death: Shell explosion
Occupation: Soldier

Olaf (d. 2043) was a Norwegian soldier who was part of the German-led coalition that attempted to halt the Chinese invasion of Russia.[1] As the coalition line in Ukraine collapsed in 2043, Olaf helped two Germans, Jürgen Sack and Gustav Pfeil find a field kitchen.[2] When the position came under attack, Pfiel received an injury to the thigh. Sack began initial treatment. A Danish medic arrived, and Sack and Olaf agreed to act as stretcher carriers.[3] They successfully carried Pfeil to a medical tent, then turned and left. While Sack and Olaf were making their way back towards the Trubezh River, a shell landed close to them. Sack was uninjured, but Olaf was caught directly in the explosion and killed.[4]


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