Obert Ohn
Fictional Character
"Running of the Bulls"
POD: 65 million years ago (?)
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Dubyook
Species: Sentient descendant of the dinosaurs
Cause of Death: Crushed by a bull
Occupation: Soldier, Author of Fiction

Obert Ohn was a writer from Dubyook who went to Sirap, Ecnarf in pursuit of more success. He became friends with Baek Jarns, another writer from Dubyook. Both men had fought in the war. He joined Jarns, Lady Ett Brashli, and Kime Kelbam on their trip to Amblona, Astilia for the running of the bulls. Ohn was not sublte about his attraction to Ett; Jarns perceived it immediately, and suspected that Kime Kelbam, Ett's current paramour, perceived it as well, but was indifferent.

Ett and Kelbam went first by train, making various stops on their way to Astilia. Ohn and Jarns followed a few days later as they wanted to spend some time fishing in Ganelon, in northern Astilia. After a few days, Ohn went off on his own to rendezvous with Lady Ett. He rejoined Jarns in time to arrive in Amblona.

In Amblona, he was devastated when Lady Ett stopped noticing him again. He told Baek that he would make her notice him, and ignored Baek's advice to drink it off.

The next day while participating in the running with the bulls ritual, Ohn imitated a bull-vaulter in an attempt to impress Lady Ett. Instead, because of his lack of experience, he slipped onto the cobblestones and was crushed underfoot by the bull. It fell to Jarns to arrange Ohn's funeral.  

Literary CommentEdit

Obert Ohn is based on Robert Cohn, a character in The Sun Also Rises. Cohn does not die in the novel.