Nuyaka is a populated place in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma. It is about 74.6 mi NNE of Beggs, Oklahoma. It was notable as the center of traditionalist opposition to the Creek national government during the late 19th Century. Nuyaka Mission was located nearby. A possibly apocryphal tradition says that Nuyaka was named for New York City.

Nuyaka in Southern VictoryEdit

Nuyaka was a city in the Creek territory of Sequoyah. The city was named for New York City. After becoming President, George Washington invited Creek leaders to meet with him in New York City. Those leaders were impressed with the city, and so named one of their communities after it. That name followed the Creek when they were forced to move into what became Sequoyah.

Nuyaka fell to the United States early in the Great War. The Creek Nation Army was able to get it back for a brief period in 1915, but by the end of the war, all of Sequoyah came under USA rule.

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