Nuevespañolan War
Timeline The Two Georges
Date c. 1860s
Location North America
Result British Victory; transfer of Nuevespañolan provinces to the North American Union
British Empire

North American Union

Holy Alliance

Nueva España

The Nuevespañolan War was fought between the British Empire and the Franco-Spanish Holy Alliance in the early 1860s.[1] It resulted in American annexation of territory from Nueva España which became the Provinces of Cranmer, Phoenix, Upper California, and Lower California. The international borders established at the end of this war remained in force in the late 20th century. Although the Nuevespañolans still expressed some bitterness about the long-ago loss, they never made any serious effort at reconquest, expressing their discontent only by petty acts of subversion and sabotage.

Literary commentEdit

The authors of The Two Georges do not give this war a name. "Nuevespañolan War" is a designation of convenience. Nor are the precise start and end dates given.

See alsoEdit

  • Mexican War, an OTL war which resulted in a similar transfer of territory.


  1. The Two Georges, p. 19, HC. In 1995, it has been "a century and a third" since {New Liverpool's} incorporation into the North American Union.

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