Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): Tilting the Balance;
Upsetting the Balance
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: The Race
Nationality: Home
Date of Death: 1943
Cause of Death: Shot in combat
Religion: Emperor-worship
Occupation: Landcruiser commander
Military Branch: Conquest Fleet (Race Invasion of Tosev 3)

Nejas was a landcruiser commander of the Race who served in the Conquest Fleet which attempted to conquer Tosev 3. Ussmak was assigned to Nejas while he was stationed in France. Neither Nejas nor his gunner Skoob, were terribly experience in combat, a fact that privately frustrated Ussmak.

Nejas participated in several attempts to drive German troops out of France. However, his crew's efforts were thwarted by the poor supplies provided them by their superiors. Nejas wasn't shy about sharing his frustrations with Ussmak and Skoob to a point, but by and large, he was a loyal male of the Race.

After some months of fighting the Germans in France, Nejas and his crew were transferred the force tasked with invading and subduing Britain.

Nejas naively believed that Britain's status as an island would lead to its quick downfall. Instead, the crew was witness to the substantial toll the invasion took on the Race's infantry, as Britain unleashed poison gas on the invaders. Soon, infantrymales refused to attack.

As the Race began its retreat, the landcruiser was hit by an anti-tank weapon. While all three were able to escape, Nejas was shot in the forearm. As Nejas began to succumb to shock, Ussmak feared that Nejas would be a hindrance. Ussmak gave Nejas some ginger to help Nejas regain his wits. Through repeated tastings, Nejas remained mobile long enough for the three to make it back to Race lines.

The damage was done: Nejas was a ginger addict, and began pestering Ussmak for more. Ussmak lied, claiming he had none. The crew was transferred to Siberia in late 1943. This began a stretch of cold and boredom as infantrymales had to be on the alert for attacks from the Soviets. During a patrol, Nejas and Skoob were both killed.

Grief at their death led Ussmak to mutiny, the first known act of mass treachery in Race-history.