Native Tsaldaris Expert
Fictional Character
"None So Blind"
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Blond
Occupation: Porter, Guide

A blond pigmy native of the jungles of the southern continent was hired as a porter for a Mussalmian exploratory expedition, heading south to the equatorial mountains. One day he warned the expedition of a tsaldaris or vampire lurking in the area. The Mussalmians asked him if the creatures were stopped by roses, garlic or sunlight. He agreed that sunlight was a strong deterrent but had never heard of roses or garlic. The expedition did not have the northern flower with them but one of the cooks let him sniff a container of garlic. This he did not like, his expression suggesting he would prefer the tsaldaris.

That night a tsaldaris took the savant Relander. In the morning when the expedition departed its camping grounds after dealing with Relander's corpse, the expedition leader Baron Toivo expressed the hope that the creature would not pursue them. The mage Kyosti put this to the native. The native replied that it could be that the tsaldaris would not follow but asked that since the Mussalmians proved to be easy prey why wouldn't it? Kyosti had no answer.

The following night Kyosti nearly became the prey of the tsaldaris. However, he was saved by the native and the mage Sunila who threw a sack over the creatures head breaking the enchantment that left Kyosti helpless. The three of them managed to bind the creature and in the morning, when it was exposed to direct sunlight, it burst into flames eventually leaving a small heap of ashes.