The Arabic name Muhammad, in all its varied Latin alphabet transcriptions, refers in Harry Turtledove works to:

Characters known only as Muhammad:

Mehmed IV, historical Ottoman Sultan referenced in "The More it Changes".
Mehmed V, historical Ottoman Sultan referenced obliquely in The Great War.
Muhammad, historical Prophet of Islam referenced in most Turtledove works involving Muslim culture, and appearing as Mouamet in "Departures", the prequel to Agent of Byzantium, where he is referenced posthumously as "Saint Mouamet".

Characters with Muhammad as a first name:

Mouamet Dekanos, a fictional Byzantine bureaucrat in the Agent of Byzantium story "Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire".
Muhammad Ali Jinnah, historical founding father of Pakistan, referenced in The War That Came Early: Last Orders.
Muhammad al-Marsawi, alias used by Jacob Klein, employee of Crosstime Traffic in In High Places.
Mogamed Safarli, fictional Red Army soldier, minor character in The Hot War: Bombs Away.
Muhammad Shabazz, fictional activist in "He Woke in Darkness".

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