Mrs. Cho
Fictional Character
Curious Notions
POD: August, 1914
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: Mid 21st century
Occupation: Human resources employee of a shoe factory

Mrs. Cho was Lucy Woo's supervisor when Lucy was transferred to the front office of the shoe factory where she was employed.[1] Mrs. Cho knew that Lucy had the job in part because of the interference of the Triads. Her attitude toward Lucy was a mixture of solicitousness and paranoia, initially making repeated inquiries as to whether or not Lucy was happy in her new job,[2] then praising her unduly after Lucy complained to the Triads about Mrs. Cho's initial attitude.[3] Lucy didn't find that approach much better, but said nothing.

Mrs. Cho also acted as a messenger for Triad member Stanley Hsu when he wanted to speak to Lucy.[4]

In time, Lucy realized just how indifferent Mrs. Cho was to the employees of the shoe factory, seeing them only as files and numbers. Lucy hoped that she would not become like Mrs. Cho, but also realized that she wouldn't have many alternative as she grew older.[5]

Mrs. Cho was present when the Felgendarmerie arrested Lucy. She spoke up on Lucy's behalf, but her words fell on deaf ears.[6]


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