Mr. Griffin
Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: New Zion colony
Religion: Holy Mission Church
Occupation: Farmer
Parents: Lavinia Griffin senior (mother)
Spouse: Victoria Griffin
Children: Lavinia Griffin

Mr. Griffin was Victoria Griffin's husband. As was customary among the members of the Holy Mission Church, the Griffins referred to each other as "Mr." and "Mrs.". Mr. Griffin was a very pious man, strictly adhering to his religion's tenets on prayer, the disdain for technology, and an insistence on patriarchy in the home. Mr. Griffin was quite capable of stern behavior, including violence, if he deemed Victoria had acted in violation of their faith. This included raping Victoria when she told him she'd visited the Federation base. From this act came their daughter, Lavinia.

When a Federation ship arrived to confront Victoria, Mr. Griffin offered to fight them off with an axe. Victoria saw how futile that would be, but was touched by Mr. Griffin's selflessness.