Moses is the English transliteration of the Greek rendering of a Hebrew man's name, Moishe, which comes either from the Ancient Hebrew for "drawn from water" or the Ancient Egyptian for "my son". In the works of Harry Turtledove, Moses/Moishe may refer to:

People known only as Moses:

Moishe (The Hot War), a displaced person and minor character in The Hot War.
Moses, important Biblical prophet referenced in numerous works.

People with Moses as a given name:

Moisei Apfelbaum, fictional Red Army colonel, minor character in Striking the Balance.
Moishe Hawkins, fictional cosmologist in "Before the Beginning".
Moishe Russie, fictional doctor and POV in Worldwar.
Moisei Shteinberg, fictional NKVD Colonel in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Moishe Weinberg, minor fictional character in Last Orders.


Torah, or Five Books of Moses, the first section of the Bible, referenced in numerous works.