Fictional Character
"Running of the Bulls"
POD: 65 million years ago (?)
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Astilia
Species: Sentient descendant of dinosaurs
Occupation: Bullfighter

Moremo was a bullfighter from Amblona. Despite his youth, he was making a reputation for himself in his craft. Baek Jarns, a veteran from Dubyook, had learned of Moremo's reputation from a bull-handler Jarns had met the day before the running of the bulls.

After the running, Jarns was in a bar with his traveling companions, Ett Brashli and Kime Kelbam. Moremo was there, and immediately took notice of Brashli, who plainly took notice of Moremo, despite the fact that she was supposed to be with Kelbam. For his part, Jarns realized that when any relationship between Moremo and Brashli might fail, he would have to be there to help Brashli pick up the pieces.

Literary commentEdit

Moremo is based on the bullfighter Romero in The Sun Also Rises.