Fictional Character
First Appearance: Three Men in a Boat
Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Turtledove Appearance: "Three Men and a Vampire"
Affiliations: Jerome's traveling expedition

Montmorency is the narrator's fox terrier in the novel Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome. He accompanies the three titular hypochondriacs in their jaunt down the Thames. While the Three Men are based on the author and his real life friends, the dog is fictional but was stated by Jerome to have "developed out of that area of inner consciousness which, in all Englishmen, contains an element of the dog."

Montmorency in "Three Men and a Vampire"Edit

Although it is well known that Montmorency accompanied the Three Men in their more famous, mundane misadventures, it is somewhat lesser known that he also accompanied them on at least one brush with the supernatural.

This article or subsection is a stub because the work is part of a larger, as-of-yet incomplete series.

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