Moblay Sopsirk's son
Fictional Character
"Down in the Bottomlands"
POD: 5.5 million years ago
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Principality of Lissonland
Species: Highhead
Date of Birth: 20th Century
Occupation: Spy

Moblay Sopsirk's son was a Highhead from the Principality of Lissonland. He was a Silent Servant, one of the secret police of the Prince.[1] When the Kingdom of Morgaf approached Lissonland about joining the plot to flood the Bottomlands of the Hereditary Tyranny of Tartesh with a starbomb, the Prince dispatched Moblay to help stop the plot, if possible.[2] Moblay joined Radnal vez Krobir's group as they toured Trench Park. He operated under the cover of a spoiled buffoon, making a production about the cost of the tour, for example,[3] and acting in an unduly familiar manner with vez Krobir, referring to him as "Radnal" and completely disregarding Tarteshan manners. Moreover, Moblay soon became suspicious of two tourists from the Krepalgan Unity, Lofosa and Evillia, even going so far as to try to initiate physical contact with Evillia.[4]

When another tourist, the Morgoffo Dokhnor of Kellef, was murdered, Moblay continued to bide his time, watching the investigation of the murder by the Trench Park militia and the Hereditary Tyrant's Eyes and Ears while still playing the spoiled tourist.[5] When Lofosa and Evillia revealed themselves as the agents of the flooding plot, they killed all the donkeys, and set up several deadly booby-traps as they fled into the desert.[6] Now Moblay revealed his true identity to Radanl vez Krobir and Peggol vez Menk, the information he had about the plot, and offered any help he could. The paranoid vez Menk politely declined.[7] Radnal vez Krobir then directed Moblay and the rest of the tour group to gather all the water they could carry, and head for higher ground.[8] The group was rescued a few hours later.[9]


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