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Mobile is the third most populous city in the Southern U.S. state of Alabama and is the county seat of Mobile County. It was founded as the capital of the French colony of Louisiana, which was much larger than the modern state of the same name.

Mobile in Southern VictoryEdit

Mobile was the home of the Confederate Naval Academy until the Second Great War. The city fell to the United States in mid 1944. Sam Carsten described Mobile as what New Orleans would have been if it had been built by people without a sense of humor.

Mobile in SupervolcanoEdit

After Bronislav Nedic stole stole nearly $10,000 from Vanessa Ferguson's savings account, he tried to disappear but Ferguson managed to trace him to a new restaurant, Unity in Mobile, Alabama. She informed her father, San Atanasio Police Captain Colin Ferguson, who in turn contacted Lieutenant Randall Atkins of the Mobile Police Theft and Fraud Unit. Atkins was sympathetic but unwilling to take action since Nedic's restaurant was providing new jobs, something in short supply since the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption. Unless Nedic committed a local crime, the Mobile Police were unwilling to do anything.[1]

Mobile in WorldwarEdit

Sam Yeager thought that Mobile, which had been one of his baseball stops in the 1930s, was one of the least pleasant port cities he'd ever visited. That is, until he saw Rizzaffi.[2]


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