The Mk 2 defensive hand grenade (sometimes written Mk II) is a
United States Army fragmentation hand grenade used by the U.S. armed forces during World War II and in later conflicts including the Vietnam War. The Mk II was standardized in 1920 replacing the Mk I of 1917. It was phased out gradually, the U.S. Navy being the last users. It was replaced by the M26-series and later M61 and M67 grenades.

Mk2 grenade in Days of InfamyEdit

The Mk2 grenade was employed against the Japanese by both the Army and Marines when they returned to liberate the Hawaiian Islands in early 1943. They were used to blast out strong points and pill boxes.

Mk2 grenade in WorldwarEdit

The Mk2 grenade was used by the US Army in its fight against the Race. Mainly it was used against Landcruisers and Lizard strong points.

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