The Missions were a soccer team in San Francisco in an alternate where Imperial Germany ruled the world. Crosstimers Paul and Lawrence Gomes took a Sunday off to watch the Missions play their rival, the Seals, at Kezar Stadium. Missions was very popular among the poorer inhabitants of San Francisco. Missions fans wore brown or tan, and used drums to cheer their team.

Lucy Woo was a staunch Missions fans, and thought that Paul was "the kind of person who must be for the Missions", which increased her attraction to him. Though this polar rivalry did not exist in the home timeline, Paul cheered the Missions, while his father Lawrence cheered the Seals.

Literary Note Edit

In the 1920s and 1930s of OTL, San Francisco sports did see a competition between a team called "Seals" and one called "Missions", but it was in baseball [1] rather than soccer. The Seals were the long-established team while the Missions (officially "Mission Reds", but the full name was only rarely used) were new-coming interlopers from Los Angeles.

An (unrelated) San Francisco soccer team named "Seals" appeared in the 1990s [2], but in our timeline the name "Missions" was never used in San Francisco soccer.

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