"Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology"  
Chicks n Chained Males
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance Chicks'n Chained Males
Collected Counting Up, Counting Down
Illustrator Larry Elmore
Genre(s) Fantasy, Comedy
Publication date 1999

"Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology #1: Andromeda and Perseus" is a fantasy short story by Harry Turtledove, which can be read on-line here. It was originally published in Chicks'n Chained Males, Esther M. Friesner, editor, Baen 1999. It was reprinted in Counting Up, Counting Down in 2002, in This is My Funniest (Mike Resnick, editor, BenBella Books, 2006), and again in Galaxy's Edge Magazine #6 in January 2014. It is a satirical look at Ancient Greek myth, combining anachronisms and puns to retell the story of Andromeda for humorous effect.

In Turtledove's story, Andromeda, not Perseus, is given the task of vanquishing the Gorgons. As is common in his lighter works, Turtledove makes liberal use of puns, double-entendres, and role-reversals.

Although the title includes the designation "#1", no second installment of "Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology" has ever appeared.

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