Fictional Character
"The Banner of Kaviyan"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Persian in the Arab Caliphate
Spouse: ibn Kathir

Mirud was the Persian wife of ibn Kathir, the lord of Shahpur Khwast. She was very bitter about her father arraigning her wedding to a member of the new Arab rulers in order to retain influence especially since the ploy failed. Ibn Kathir treated her as a possession when he wasn't trying to impregnate her for another son. Therefore, she was willing to assist Shahin in his quest for the Banner of Kaviyan when he guested in the castle.

Mirud had the steward bring Shahin to a room in an unoccupied part of the castle late at night. There she told him she had learned of his quest for the banner through covert means and that her grandfather was the brother of one of Khusro's treasure-keepers. She told him that in the throne room of the Imperial Palace in Ctesiphon there were three plain stone chairs in front of the King of Kings throne. One was for the Emperor of China, one for the Emperor of the Romans and one for the great klagan of the steppe nomads signifying their subservience to Persia. Because of Khusro's previous victories over the Romans, the banner had been hidden under the chair for the Roman Emperor.

Shahin thanked her and feeling that inadequate embraced her and then kissed her. Mirud at first responded but then drew back stating she was married to ibn Kathir. However, she also said that if a hero should win a great victory with the help of the banner and then execute the usurpers such as ibn Kathir, why then she would be a widow and open to a new alliance. Shahin replied gallantly and sincerely that this was one more and major reason to seek the banner.