This article lists the various minor fictional characters who appear in The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump. Most appeared in only one scene, or had a very brief, unimportant speaking role that did not impact the plot, and never appeared again.

Atheling the WiseEdit

Atheling the Wise was a sage who observed that most forces are also Persons, and mechanicals have no Personalities of their own to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, nor of outraged or mischievous Forces.[1]

Literary commentEdit

Atheling (whose name is an Anglo-Saxon word for Prince) seems to be based on the medieval fictional character Prince Hamlet of Denmark.

Cordero daughterEdit

In addition to her newborn son Jesus, Lupe Cordero had a toddler who looked just like her (b. ca. 1991).[2]

Samuel DillEdit

Samuel Dill was a lawyer from the firm of Elworthy, Frazer and Waite, representing the interests of the Devonshire Land Management Consortium. He objected, by telephone, to David Fisher confiscating dump records, but was unable to deny the validity of Judge Maximum Ruhollah's search warrant authorizing Fisher to do so.[3]


Eric was a bailiff in Judge Maximum Ruhollah's court. He was a large man of Swedish descent, and David Fisher could never remember his last name.[4]

David Fisher's brotherEdit

David Fisher's brother lived in Boston, Oregon with his two-year-old daughter.[5]

David Fisher's nieceEdit

David Fisher's niece (b. 1991) lived with her father in Boston, Oregon.[6]

Joe ForbesEdit

Joe Forbes was a reporter for Angels City's Ethernet Station One News.


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