Fictional Character
"The Boring Beast"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Ship's Captain

Captain Mince commanded the galley Wasteful. On one voyage he had Condom the Trojan as part of his crew. Condom was at the helm when the ship sailed into the harbor of Zamorazamaria and the galley rammed a merchantman docked at the quay, sinking it.

Mince was irate when he came out of his cabin since the collision had thrown him from his hammock causing his new pink silk culottes to be torn. He quickly ascertained the situation and slapped Condom's muscular buttocks while exclaiming "Condom, how clumsy of you!" Condom threatened to break his arm if he did that again to which Mince retorted that he despised rough trade. He then set about trying to settle things with the angry and wet merchants from the other ship.

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