Milledgeville is a town in and the county seat of Baldwin County in the state of Georgia. The population of the town was 18,757 at the 2000 census. It was the capital of Georgia from 1806 to 1868, notably during the American Civil War. In 1868 Atlanta became the capital.

Milledgeville in Southern VictoryEdit

In 1943 Cassius skirted Milledgeville during his wandering in the Georgia countryside after he escaped the cleanout of the Terry. He was attracted to the sound of gunfire in a nearby abandoned sharecropper village where he watch a shootout between Black guerrillas and Mexican troops. He was forced out of cover in the woods by a Mexican flanking manoeuvre and fled into the village. There he warned the guerrillas and they succeeded in driving the Mexicans off. After the shooting stopped, Cassius joined Gracchus' band.

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