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The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 (Russian: Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-15; NATO reporting name: "Fagot") is a jet fighter aircraft developed by Mikoyan-Gurevich OKB for the Soviet Union. The MiG-15 was one of the first successful jet fighters to incorporate swept wings to achieve high transonic speeds. Introduced in combat over the skies of Korea, it outclassed straight-winged jet day fighters which were largely relegated to ground attack roles, and was quickly countered by the similar American swept-wing F-86 Sabre. The MiG-15 is often mentioned, along with the North American F-86 Sabre, as the best fighter aircraft of the Korean War, and among the best fighter aircraft of all time.

MiG-15 in The Hot WarEdit

By the time of the Korean War and World War III, the MiG-15 was the Soviet Union's most feared jet fighter. They were used in combat missions over Korea proper,[1] and saw action throughout World War III.

As a fighter, the MiG was used primarily to defend against attack. Within the Soviet Union, they were on patrol against any enemy aircraft that might attack. When Boris Gribkov and the rest of his Tu-4 crew were arriving at their new post outside Leningrad on board a Li-2, a pair of MiG-15s streaked past to give them a once over.[2] However, they were not so alert a few months later when Mustangs attacked Gribkov's airbase. The MiGs sought out bombers high in the sky and missed the half dozen fighter-bombers coming in low to shoot-up and bomb the field.[3]


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