Meiningen is a town in the southern part of the state of Thuringia, Germany. It has a population of around 21,000 and is the capital of the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district. From 1680 to 1920, Meiningen was the capital of the Duchy (and briefly of the Free State) of Saxe-Meiningen.

After World War II, Meiningen was included in the Soviet zone of occupation, and then became part of East Germany. After reunification, Meiningen became a thriving business section.

Meiningen in The Hot WarEdit

Meiningen the site of a Soviet Red Army base just prior to the outbreak of World War III.  After the United States dropped several atomic bombs in Manchuria on January 23, 1951,[1], and Joseph Stalin ordered retaliatory attacks in Europe on February 1,[2] Stalin also ordered the Red Army west. The tank company in Meiningen moved to the border between Soviet zone and the American zone under the cover of darkness a few days after the European bombings.[3]


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