Mead Drinker
Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Nationality: Detina
Religion: Polytheistic
Occupation: Soldier

The Mead Drinker was a Detinan general who commanded forces loyal to King Avram in western Detina during the Detinan Civil War. Despite rumors that he was overly fond of mead, an alcoholic beverage, the Mead Drinker managed to defeat the vaunted Duke Edward of Arlington at the Battle of Essoville, forever stripping the Army of Southern Parthenia of its aura of invincibility.

Literary CommentEdit


George Meade, US Army

The Mead Drinker does not appear in any of The War Between the Provinces books, and is mentioned in only one scene. His proper name is never given; he is merely described as a Southron general who drinks mead. This is a pun on the name of General George Meade, pictured at right, who defeated Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863, the Army of the Potomac's first decisive victory over the Army of Northern Virginia.

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