Fictional Character
POD: Set in the future
Appearance(s): Eruption,
All Fall Down,
Things Fall Apart
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Coroner

Doctor Maxwell Ishikawa was the coroner for San Atanasio, a suburb of Los Angeles. He attended the crime scenes of the murders of Mildred Szymanski[1] and Maria Peterfalvy[2] He collected DNA samples that linked the murders to the South Bay Strangler but failed to match samples previously collected from charged felons.

Doctor Ishikawa also examined the body of Mrs. Mandelbaum and he and Lucy Chen, a DNA technician, collected samples proving it was a Strangler case but again without a match to a convicted felon.[3]

When Lucy Chen discovered an exact DNA match to the Strangler from an unexpected source, Doctor Ishikawa had her contact Lt. Colin Ferguson to deal with the situation.[4]

Dr. Ishikawa took part in the subsequent press conference announcing the solution to the Strangler case although most of the questions were directed to Lt. Ferguson.[5]


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