Maximus, the Latin world for "greatest", was a family name from the Roman Republic, and has since become a given name, with many variations across languages.

Characters known only as Maximus:

Massimo, an Italian employee of Crosstime Traffic, minor character in The Gladiator.
Maximus the Confessor, historical Byzantine theologian referenced in Justinian.

Characters whose first or middle name is Maximus:

Maxim Litvinov, historical Soviet Ambassador appearing in Joe Steele and referenced in The War That Came Early.
Pyotr Maksimovich (surname not given), fictional(?) Soviet petty bureaucrat, minor character in Colonization.
Maxime Weygand, historical French General appearing in Coup d'Etat.

Things named after a variation of Maximus:

Maxim gun, historical weapon used in Southern Victory.

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