Fictional Work
Story: Elabon Series
Religion: Sithonian pantheon
God of: Wine
Type of Appearance: Direct

Mavrix was the Sithonian god of wine. As Sithonian culture came to dominate the Elabonian Empire, he was worshiped with the Elabonian pantheon, though at heart he was always a Sithonian and eventually assisted Sithonia in a rebellion against imperial rule.

Mavrix was a mischievous god known for his prodigious and hedonistic appetites for food, alcohol, and sex. However, he was capable of serious action, such as when he battled the Gradi pantheon to prevent Voldar's minions from overrunning the Northlands.

Originally a severe enemy of Gerin the Fox, during the war with the Gradi Mavrix eventually became fond of Gerin, and protected his kingdom, after a fashion--though his favor was always unpredictable.

Literary commentEdit

Mavrix is closely based on the Greco-Roman wine god Dionysus aka Bacchus.

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