Fictional Character
Bridge of the Separator
Videssos Series
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos-worship
Occupation: Priest of Phos

Matzoukes was a junior priest of Phos in the city of Skopentzana where he was born and raised. He was an assistant to the prelate Rhavas.

Early in the civil war between Maleinos II and Stylianos Matzoukes escorted the soothsayer Eladas to Rhavas' study. Shortly after, he heard Rhavas shout for him and he rushed to his study. There he found Eladas dead on the floor.

Rhavas explained he had asked Eladas a question and, as he answered, he had a seizure and collapsed to the floor. In shock, Matzoukes asked what was the question. At Rhavas' withering stare, Matzoukes blushed and apologized for snooping. The two then manhandled Eladas' body out of Rhavas' study. Rhavas instructed Matzoukes to make sure that the temple's charity was extended to Eladas' family.

Matzoukes continued as Rhavas' gatekeeper, escorting Toxaras to his study when the latter demanded the refuges be expelled from the city and again when he came to show the prelate the besieging Khamorth tribesmen. Matzoukes also escorted Toxaras' successor, Voilas when he too came to plead that the refuges be expelled. And he was present when Rhavas returned from the eparch Zautzes' residence after the prelate discovered Glykas murdered body. The look on Rhavas' face led him to ask what was wrong. After hearing the news, Matzoukes tried to reasure him that it could not be as bad as he thought to no avail.

When the Khamorth tribesmen managed to storm the city, Rhavas released Matzoukes from his vows to serve him and the lord with the great and good mind. Matzoukes tried to remain with Rhavas but the prelate urged him to seek out his kinfolk, that in this crisis it would be best if he were with them. Matzoukes thanked him, and vowed to return to serve him after events had passed. Rhavas agreed but privately thought that it was likely the younger man would be killed along with his family but it would be better to die with them rather than apart. This proved likely as Rhavas never saw Matzoukes again.