Matilda I
The British Infantry Tank Mark I known as the Matilda I served from the start of the war and into the Battle of France, where it was found to be unreliable. They were all abandoned and never used again when the British Expeditionary Force fled northern France.

When the Infantry Tank Mk. I which was also known as "Matilda" was removed from service the Infantry Tank Mk II simply became known as the Matilda.

Matilda I in The War That Came EarlyEdit

Matilda I's made up the majority of the British Armour in Europe when the Germans invaded France in 1939. Although the Matildas were more heavily armoured than the German tanks, they were under gunned with only a single rifle calibre machine gun, and their top speed of 8mph made it difficult for them to manoeuvre or retreat.

As the Germans pushed into France, the crews of Panzer II's discovered it was easier to cripple a Matilda than trying to penetrate its thick armour.

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