Maryan Drebel
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"Trantor Falls"
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Second Foundation
Occupation: Librarian, Chief of Staff, Speaker
Affiliations: Galactic University, Second Foundation

Maryan Drabel was the chief librarian of the Imperial Library, located on the campus of the Galactic University on Trantor, at the time of Gilmer's sack of the planet. When the University student body and faculty raised a militia to defend their campus against Gilmer's forces, Drabel served as chief of staff to Yokim Sarns, Dean of the University and general of the militia.

When Gilmer visited the university campus to tour the sacked portions of the city, Drabel accompanied Sarns and Gilmer on a tour of the campus and library. Though she found the ignorant and brutish Gilmer extremely distasteful, she was pleasantly surprised at how easily he was convinced to sign a generous ceasefire agreement, which barred him from interfering in the business of the university.

Drabel was in fact a Speaker of the Second Foundation.