Mary Flowers
Fictional Character
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 20th century
Date of Death: 1987
Cause of Death: Knife-wound to the brain
Occupation: Housewife, student
Spouse: Pete Flowers
Children: Doug Flowers
Relatives: Vicki Garreau (sister)
Jim Garreau (brother-in-law)

Mary Flowers was the wife of Pete Flowers and the mother of Doug Flowers. Doug was a colicky infant, prone to crying for no discernible reason. While Mary was marginally bothered by Doug's crying, she was not troubled to the same extent her husband was. She was unaware of Pete's deepening paranoid belief that Doug was intentionally trying to drive his father crazy. To her horror, Mary watched Pete throw their son against a refrigerator. Mary had been preparing dinner. She rushed forward, with a knife in hand, cutting Pete, who tried to take the knife away. In the struggle, Mary was killed when the knife was driven through the bottom of her jaw and into her brain. Pete committed suicide immediately after. Doug was adopted by Mary's sister Vicki Garreau and her husband Jim.