600px-Athena and Marsyas Copenhagen
Fictional Character
First Appearance: Ancient Greek Mythology
Turtledove Appearance: "Goddess for a Day"
Nationality: Ancient Greece
Race: Satyr

In Greek mythology, the satyr Marsyas (Greek: Μαρσύας) is a central figure in two stories involving death: in one, he picked up the double flute (aulos) that had been abandoned by Athena and played it; in the other, he challenged Apollo to a contest of music and lost his hide and life. In antiquity, literary sources often emphasise the hubris of Marsyas and the justice of his punishment.

Marsyas in "Goddess for a Day"Edit

While visiting the temple at the Akropolis in Athens, Marsyas encountered a young woman named Phye. As part of a political ruse, Phye had played the part of Athena. Marsyas, also believing Phye was Athena, attempted to first seduce, and then simply rape Phye. He received an armored knee-cap to the crotch for his troubles.

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