Maniakes I
Fictional Character
The Time of Troubles
Videssos Series
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Race: Vaspurakaner
Occupation: General
Children: Maniakes II

Maniakes I, also known as Maniakes the Elder, was a famed Videssian cavalry general and one of Likinios' most trusted generals. He was also the father of Maniakes II who later became the Avtokrator of the Empire of Videssos. He was a Vaspurakaner immigrant to Videssos.

At the rise of Smerdis to the Makuraner throne, a Makurani nobleman named Abivard had come to Likinios for help to bring down Smerdis. To this end, Likinios sent his famous and innovative general, Maniakes I and his son. The duo helped put Sharbaraz King of Kings on the throne and became very friendly with Abivard.

At the death of Likinios and his heir, the usurper Genesios banished the old general to Kalavria as he thought him a threat to his rule. However, this made Maniakes and his son plot to bring down the usurper.

Gathering a small army from Kalavria, with help from the elder Maniakes, his son overthrew Genesios and soon had to fight with the Makuraners, ironically their friend Abivard. Throughout the ensuing war, the elder Maniakes guided his son.

Maniakes the Elder, while at first disapproving of his son's marriage to his cousin Lysia, later came to accept it. This made dealing with other people's outrage easier for Maniakes the Younger.