800px-Flag of Manchukuo WarFlag And Naval Ensign.svg

Warflag and Naval Ensign of Manchukuo

The Manchukuo Imperial Army was the armed force of the Japanese dominated puppet state of Manchukuo, serving as the land forces, along with the Manchukuo Imperial Guards. There was also a Manchukuo Imperial Air Force and a Manchukuo Imperial Navy.

Manchukuo Imperial Army in Days of InfamyEdit

The Manchukuo Imperial Army was considered nothing but a 'Toy Army' in the eyes of the Japanese Military. Although at the command of its emperor, it took it's orders from the Kwantung Army, and could be easily crushed should they show too much initiative.

Manchukuo Imperial Army in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The Manchukuo Imperial Army was mainly used as police force in Manchukuo by the Kwantung Army.

During the war with the Soviet Union, some units were used in the attack on Vladivostok in order to wear down the Soviets while preserving the Japanese forces.

Manchukuo Imperial Army in WorldwarEdit

The Manchukuo Imperial Army was mainly used to do the bidding in Manchukuo of the Kwantung Army, and was looked upon with scorn by many Chinese.

During the war with the Race, the army was thrown into the fight to help shore up the Japanese, but they were defeated and with the annexation of Manchukuo, were disbanded.

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