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The God
Fictional Work
Story: Videssos Cycle
Religion: Makurani religion
God of: All Creation
Type of Appearance: Referenced

The Makuraners worshipped a deity they referred to as The God, or the Goddess for women. The God sent souls who had been evil in their lifetime to the Void, where the soul ceased to exist. The patriarch of this religion was called the Mobedham-mobed[1], who is noted as being far more subservient to the King of Kings of Makuran than the Patriarch is to the Videssian Avtokrator.

Worship of the God was taught by the Prophets Four: young Narseh who was described as just sprouting a beard, Gimillu the warrior, Shivini who looked like everybody's mother, and Fraortish, eldest of all.[2] Since the Prophets were Makurani and taught to such only, it was believed that Makuraners was the God's chosen people.

Needless to say, Videssians took a dim view of such theology and called the Makuraners "heathens". They also believed that followers of the God were damned to Skotos's hell.[3] Much of the war waged between Empire of Videssos and Makuran had a religious nature to it, combined with the political.

However, the religion was destroyed for them by the Yezda hordes that invaded and subjugated Makuran. Being worshippers of Skotos, they put down any belief in other gods and ruthlessly destroyed religious artifacts and temples of the God.