M3 Lee

The Medium Tank M3 was an American tank used during World War II. In Britain the tank was called "General Lee", named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and the modified version built with a new turret was called the "General Grant", named after U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant.

M3 Lee in "Must and Shall"Edit

The M3 Grant was one of the many tanks that helped provide support in the search for smuggled Nazi weapons in the Girod Street Cemetery.

M3 Lee in The War That Came EarlyEdit

After the 1941 British Military Coup, the Americans resumed their lend lease shipments to both England and France, shipping over the M3 Lee. By mid 1942, as the British and French began massing for an invasion of German occupied Belgium, the French Army had a number of Lees in their arsenal. Many French thought that they were reminiscent of their old tanks, but didn't complain as they were both faster and readily available in large quantities.

M3 Lee in WorldwarEdit

The M3 Lee made up the majority of the US armor when the Race arrived in mid 1942. Thrown into the fight because it was all the Americans had, its performance was mediocre at best as it made up the majority of US armor casualties for the last half of 1942. Its last major contribution on the battle field was in the first US assault against the the Race in the winter of 1942, when US General George Patton successfully encircled the Lizards in Chicago. After 1943 began, the Lee was phased out in favor of the Sherman.

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