The name Luke is derived from the Latin name Lucas or from the Greek Loukas, meaning "man from Lucania" (a region of Italy).

The following characters are known as only Luke in the works of Harry Turtledove:

Luke (Supervolcano), a minor character in Eruption.
Luke (The Valley-Westside War), a trader in The Valley-Westside War.
Father Luke, fictional priest in Thessalonica.
Uncle Luke, a smuggler, minor character in The Disunited States of America.

The following characters have the first name of Luke:

Luke Tiernan Brien, historical Confederate soldier appearing in How Few Remain.
Luke Hoskins, a US Navy sailor in The Great War.
Luke Sutton, a Baptist Minister, minor character in Drive to the East.

The following characters are known as Luc:

Luc Froissart, fictional French soldier, minor character in The United States of Atlantis.
Luc Harcourt, fictional French soldier, POV in The War That Came Early.

The following characters are known as Lucas:

Lucas (Supervolcano), minor character in All Fall Down.
Lucas Phelps, fisherman, minor character in American Front.

The following characters have the surname Lucas:

Caleb Lucas, fictional Jamestown colonist in "Vilest Beast" of A Different Flesh.
Charles Lucas, fictional policeman, minor character in The Two Georges.

Places named Lucas:

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico, a secondary plot point in Southern Victory.

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