Lucy is an English and French feminine given name derived from Latin masculine given name Lucius, in turn derived from the Latin word for light. Sometimes it is considered a diminutive of Lucille or Lucinda. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie.

These characters are identified only by the name of Lucy:

Lucy (Eighth-Grade), a community outreach worker in "The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging".
Lucy (Joe Steele), a diner waitress and minor character in Joe Steele.
Lucy (Must & Shall), a burlesque dancer in "Must and Shall".
Lucy (sim), a sim and minor character in "Freedom" from A Different Flesh.
Lucy (We Haven't Got There Yet), a theatre-goer in "We Haven't Got There Yet".
Also, Lucy's Husband in the same scene.

These characters have the first name Lucy:

Lucy Chen, a police technician in Supervolcano.
Lucy Durr, a zookeeper in "Lure".
Lucy Fenner, a New Hastings colonist in Opening Atlantis: New Hastings.
Lucy Morris, minor fictional character in "The Scarlet Band" from the Atlantis series.
Lucy Parker, a witch and the POV of "Birdwitching".
Lucy Radcliffe, the wife of Henry Radcliffe in Opening Atlantis: New Hastings.
Lucy Vegetti, a geologist and minor fictional character in Colonization: Aftershocks.
Lucy Watkins, minor fictional character in Ruled Britannia.
Lucy Woo, a POV character from Curious Notions.

These characters have the first name Lucille:

Lucille (Supervolcano), a clerk and minor character in Supervolcano: Eruption.
Lucille Ball, historical comedienne referenced in Joe Steele.
Lucille Potter, a fictional US Army nurse in Worldwar: Tilting the Balance.

These characters have the first name Lucinda:

Lucinda (Interlibrary Loan), a library clerk in "Interlibrary Loan".
Lucinda Jackson, a secretary in Household Gods.
Lucinda Stone, a Crosstime Traffic employee, minor character in Gunpowder Empire.

Place names:

Miss Lucy's, a brothel in Settling Accounts: In at the Death.
Saint Lucia, a Caribbean island seen on the Colonization map.

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