Lucius is a Latin man's name. It may be either from the Latin for light, or the Etruscan for king. Lucian means of Lucius. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Lucius may refer to:

Characters named Lucius

Lucius aka Lou Muller, time traveling criminal appearing in "Death in Vesunna."
Lucius (Household Gods), the son of Umma in Household Gods.
Lucius (Shock and Awe), fictional Roman soldier in "Shock and Awe".
Lucius Caesar, historical Roman imperial heir with a background role in Gunpowder Empire.
Lucio Claudio, fictional major-domo in Gunpowder Empire.
Lucius Clay, historical American general appearing in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Lucius Eggius, historical Roman soldier appearing in Give Me Back My Legions!
Lucius Gartrell, historical Confederate general appearing in The Guns of the South.
Lucius Q.C. Lamar, historical American/Confederate politician appearing in The Guns of the South and How Few Remain.

Characters named Lucian:

Lucien Galtier, a fictional farmer and POV in Southern Victory.
Lucien O'Doull, a supporting fictional character in Southern Victory.

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