Lucinda Jackson
Fictional Character
Household Gods
Time-travel Story Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: Between 1929 and 1949
Occupation: Secretary
Affiliations: Rosenthal, Gallagher, Kaplan, Jeter, Gonzalez, & Feng

Lucinda Jackson was the personal secretary of Sheldon Rosenthal, founding partner of Rosenthal, Gallagher, Kaplan, Jeter, Gonzalez, & Feng in Los Angeles. A light-skinned black woman, she seemed to be of any age between 50 and 70, and preferred to use a typewriter instead of a newfangled computer. All traces of the Deep South seemed to have been surgically removed from her voice, which had a flat Californian accent.[1]

When Nicole Gunther was passed over for partnership in favor of Gary Ogarkov, due to (Nicole presumed) her lack of a Y chromosome, Lucinda gave no sign of sympathy for Nicole's plight, despite being a fellow woman and of a minority color to boot.[2]


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